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RegenerAction is a project that aims to identify the Urban Community Builder as a professional figure and occupational role in society.

About The Project

Actions of urban regeneration (regeneractions) are understood as collective processes of democratic dialogue, participation and civic engagement in the search for shared uses and meanings for common spaces, thus the choice of the horizontal priority. RegenerAction also aims at establishing a common vision of what an urban community builder is and does, the challenges he/she faces and how they can be overcome.

The need to reuse disused public spaces in cities is increasingly emerging, and more and more people are interested in urban regeneration as tools not only for making spaces more beautiful but as a real tool for engagement with the community. That is why the figure of the urban community builder has appeared. 

Urban Community Builders are agents of change, creating relationships, collaborating and cooperating, through a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, embracing the new challenges of participation as an opportunity. UCB interacts with different kinds of actors and aims to facilitate processes and mediate interests.

Project Target

The regeneration actions, as understood in this project, do not refer to the mere reuse of public spaces. The considered regeneration actions are projects capable of giving new life to these common assets through participatory processes. This implies that, in order to exist, these regeneration actions require a community of people revolving around that asset and obtaining social, economic, and cultural value from that space.

UCBs are, therefore, professional profiles capable of assisting the community in co-designing, constructing, and bringing the new public space to life. There are many individuals who play this role in their communities, and many others who would like to do so. The main target group includes:

Aspiring Community Urban Builders.

Students of architecture, urban regeneration, sociology, philosophy, social agriculture, sustainability, etc.

Local action groups.

Professionals who are the target group of the entire project, as reflected in the project outcomes.

Youth on the brink of employment.

Adults in the process of career change.

The aim is to train and empower these groups to actively contribute to urban regeneration, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to the development and transformation of their communities.


The project aims to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of these individuals, comprehend their responsibilities, and identify The specific competencies required to initiate participatory regeneration efforts through the adoption of best practices. The project also seeks to provide comprehensive training to these Urban Community Builders, focusing particularly on three key areas that align with European policies:

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